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How to order

There are few steps to do to make an order:

Sign in

To sign in, fill in your user name and your password into the sign-in-form, which is accessible from the left menu - item "Sign in" (Fig.1).

If you do not have your user name and password yet, you would need to register first. To do this, there is a link under the sign-in-form (Fig.2).

After submitting your user name and correct password, you should see "You have been successfully logged in" message. Here please continue with clicking on the "Continue button" (Fig.3).

Signed user name is indicated in top-right corner of the window at position marked with number 3 on fig.4.
The button with a shopping cart and a question-mark marked with number 1 serves as a fast link to see the detail of your current order. If no order is selected as current, this button links to order administration, where you can select current order or create a new one.
The select box marked with number 2 allows you to select a currency in which prices will be displayed.
If a current order is selected, there is an information of its total price at the position marked with 4.


Create new order

New order can be created in two ways:
  • If you put an item into your cart after sign in and you haven't selected in which order this item should be inserted yet, a new blank order will be automaticaly created and the item put in it.
  • You can create a new order in section "Order administration" (accessible from the left menu, item "Orders") by filling in its name (which you can choose arbitrarily, for your own usage) and pushing the "Create" button in the area marked with number 2 on fig.5.
In case you want to add goods into previously created order, you can choose this order as current order by clicking on its name or ID in area 1 in table on fig.5. Current order is marked with white text color. After selection of current order all consequetly selected products will be added into this order.


Select desired goods and add them into your order

Our offer is splitted into few basic groups accessible from the top menu through picture links. These groups are Textiles, Threads, Zippers, Other, Accessories and Final products. After selection of one of these groups a list of subgroups is displayed in the central part of the window. By sequence of subgroup selections you make your way to the specific articles, which you can add to your order.
Your current position in the structure of subgroups is indicated by menu marked with number 1 on fig.6. Using this menu you are able to go back to preceding levels in the structure (supergroups).
There is an edit box by every specific item, which you use to fill in the desired amount of packages you want to order. Right from this edit box there is a symbol of a shopping cart (on fig.6 marked 2), which places selected products into current order.
If you want to order more than one product from the same group, it is not neccessary to add each one separately, but you can fill in several edit boxes with desired amounts of corresponding items and then click to any of the shopping cart symbols.
The number of packages included in your current order is displayed at each item's edit box. You can easily change this amount and then submit this change by clicking on the symbol of a shopping cart.


Check, (change) and send the order

Detailed list of your current order is accessible through the button with shopping cart and a question-mark in the top-right corner of the window (Fig.4 ,number 1). The second possibility to access the contents of any of your orders is through left menu, item "Orders", where you can use the "details" button for the order you want to display. (Fig.5, number 1)
In detailed list of an order (Fig.7) you can additionaly change the ordered amounts (button "Edit" - Fig.7, number 2), or remove unwanted products from the order (button "Delete" - Fig.7, number 1). After editing the order you need to confirm the changes by clicking the "Apply" button.
At a time your are satisfied with your order, you can submit it by clicking the "Send order" button (Fig.7, number 3)


Have a pleasant shopping!

design: Lollo