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TWIST - Spun PES threads

The threads TWIST are made of High tenacity two T.F.O spun polyester sewing thread. Thanks to using of the row PES fiber from a Japanese company TORAY and also thanks to using modern technology spining, dyeing and finishing( lubricate and wax) , the low shrinkage , good strenght and excellent resistance to heat and chemicals provide a versatile thread. Finishing by lubricants and wax (made in U.K.) prevents from melting of threads going throught sewing needle(self-cooling) even if high speed industrial sewing machines are used.

TWIST is suitable for sewing main and top seams. It is also used for overlock sewing.

The products sewn with threads TWIST can be washed,dryed and ironed. It does not lose any of the guaranteed qualities when it is used, washed and ironed in a common way.
    odkaz TWIST 120:

    the most frequently used in clothing industry, used for shirts, blouses, enderwear, owerlocking, ladieswear. We recommend needles No 75-80-90.

    odkaz TWIST 80:

    for any sewing which requires the higher tenacity:sportswear ,workwear,coats,knitwear, foundation garments, etc. We recommend needles No 75-80-90.

    odkaz TWIST 60:

    suitable when high tenacity of seams is required. It is used for sewing footwear, matresses, heavy workwerar, jeans , jackets, leather clothing and leather accessories. We recommend needles No. 75-80.

    odkaz TWIST 30:

    used for decorative stitches, leather products, upholstery, mattresses, rucksacks, bags, etc. We recommend needles No 110-130.

    odkaz TWIST 15:

    it is twisted by two is followed by twisted by three in the way that will guarantee the highest tenacity without useless increasing of total thickness number. It is used especially for sewing sacks.
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